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Regulated Firms and Funds

Regulated Firms and Funds

We provide statutory audit, regulatory compliance, internal audit, taxation, payroll and other technical support services to a wide range of clients regulated by the Central Bank from retail intermediaries to MiFID firms, and fund clients operating in the collective investment scheme sector.

We provide tax advisory and agent services to regulated funds, S110 and other SPV vehicles to include payroll, taxes, IUT, FATCA, CRS and IUT tax submissions.

We provide local and non-resident independent non-executive directors with Revenue's payroll Tax Compliance services.

We also provide a full range of services to clients subject to supervision by other regulatory authorities.

Services we offer

  • Audit and technical support services
  • Tax advisory and INED Payroll services
  • Independent non-executive directorships
  • Illiquid Asset Valuations