Film & Animation Audit

We’re the go to guys in the industry for our technical knowledge on all taxation and regulatory matters.

We’ve advised most of the leading Irish film and animation producers on how to manage their tax, finance and audit and to maximise the benefits of Section 481.

We have unrivalled expertise in providing audit, accounting, taxation and other services to the Independent Irish Film, Television and Video Production Industry. We have been a prominent advisor in the field for many years, and have always maintained the highest level of industry specific technical knowledge on all taxation and regulatory matters. We continue to represent and support the leaders in the Film and Television industry.

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Film & Animation Auditing Services

  • Company Incorporations (for Producer Companies and Qualifying S481 Companies)
  • Cash Flow projections for film, television and animation projects.
  • Letters of Opinion for Production Companies (to Revenue Commissioners Section 481 cost report reviews and related compliance services.
  • Voluntary dissolutions (close-down) of special purpose production companies.
  • Tax Registration with Revenue Commissioners
  • Application for Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Company Secretarial services
  • Preparation of Statutory Financial Statements (Audit and Audit-Exempt Companies)

We also provide Accounting and Taxation services to individuals working in the Irish film, media and entertainment sector, including artists seeking exemption status.